Classroom Teaching Skills and Experience

I have been a classroom teacher for many years and have developed the following areas of expertise:

  • Currently teaching Python, HTML, and JavaScript as welll as a database courses as part of a computer information systems program at a private business and research university.
  • Have taught computer science and computer applications courses in a small undergraduate classroom environment using innovative teaching methods to help students develop new skills.
  • Have taught computer science, applied technology, and computer technology to students of all grade levels in substitute, post-secondary, and regular K-12 education settings. The applied technology class was a mechanical engineering course that realted the concepts of simplpe machines and robotics to real world concepts of mathematics and science.
  • Assisting adults in developing proficiency with a wide range of computer challenges and issues in order to improve their computer literacy.
  • Mentoring and tutoring students to improve grades, enhance mathematics and reading skills, build academic proficiency, and increase confidence in learning.
  • Developing Introduction to Computer courses with a series of hands-on projects that are informative and interesting resulting in high class attendance and strong student engagement at the college level.
  • Designing a set of teaching tools that met the needs of a college level programming course that facilitated learning and resulted in a high degree of student programming language fluency.
  • Utilizing Microsoft Visual Studio as a learning platform to provide both an interesting and productive learning experience; resulted in high level of positive response and learning outcomes in a variety of high school elective courses, such as programming languages, advanced placement computer science, web and graphic design, and general computer science.
  • Rewriting curriculum to better emphasize applied technology skills which resulted in better engaged students and meeting classroom objectives.


Teacher, Technologist and Writer

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